Welcome to The Core Centers Sober Living program. Our missions is to provide a nurturing and proactive approach to our client’s care that greatly enhances the recovery learning process and gives our residents a higher success rate of living a happy and more fulfilling life in recovery.
At our Sober Living residence, our main focus is to understand the importance of continuing care and the longer a person stays connected in their recovery, the better their chances are of achieving long term sobriety with the world at their finger tips.
If our client desire, we offer transportation to and from an intensive or outpatient program if they would like to continue their treatment program further.
Our experience in running a Sober Living program is to help someone live in a structured environment by implementing a reasonable system of rules. The purpose of this structured program is to help someone whose life revolved around drugs and alcohol as their top priority, to reprioritize their life – cleaning up after themselves, obtaining gainful employment, completing house chores and continuing to do estimable patterns to being developing self-worth.


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