We’re a team of passionate rehab professionals with one goal:

Help people live again. Because life with addiction is not a life.

What makes us different

Through 100+ combined years of experience, we’ve developed a core set of beliefs — and they’re reflected in every part of our program.

One size does NOT fit all.

We recommend the 12-Step programs to many of our residents, but our approach is holistic. Our variety of treatment programs — enhanced by mind-body healing activities like yoga, massage, and outdoor recreation — allows our residents to find the mix that works for them.

Substance abuse is a symptom.

When you peel off the layers of drug and alcohol addiction, there’s a festering wound below. Substance abuse is the byproduct of trauma, anxiety, and other mental health challenges. By getting to the core of the issues, we can uproot the source of addiction and promote long-lasting healing.

Small is beautiful.

At CORE, you matter. Our alumni describe a place where “Everybody knew who I was, and everybody cared.” We average only 17 residents per month, with a staff to resident ratio of 2:1 — and our alumni have pinned their success to this small, personalized feel.

Your progress matters.

No flying under the radar here. You can expect every member of our staff to know your name and circumstances — and call you out if you need help getting back on track. Because that’s how real healing happens.

Integrity above all.

Unlike dozens of rehab pop-ups dotting the Floridian landscape, CORE exists for one reason only: to help people (really) heal. Our staff will never make false promises or use manipulative techniques to get residents to register. We see integrity as a longer — but more enduring — path to success.

Motivation is at the core of healing.

This is YOUR life — and if you’re invested, we can help you turn it around. Residents who are deeply motivated to heal and start fresh show remarkably high rates of long-term recovery.

Recovery must be practical.

You’ve recovered — now what? Recovery is where the magic begins, but it cannot be sustained unless you’ve properly transitioned into real life. At CORE, life skills and job management are an integral part of our program. Because if you’re going to head back into society — and live the life you always wanted — you need practical tools and support.

“Never Seen A Place That Cares This Much

I’ve been to different treatment centers before but I’ve never been somewhere that cares so much about the clients, before and after in-patient treatment. The CORE staff helped me figure out who I am as a person. I learned a lot about myself since coming here—through the groups and individual therapy. They took me to tour halfway houses and help me set up after-care. They even helped me get a Florida ID by taking me to the DMV. The team here is honestly the best I’ve ever encountered.

— Grey Brocious