Denial – An Obstacle To Addiction Recovery

Denial – An Obstacle to Addiction Recovery One of the core symptoms of addiction is denial. Denial is very powerful and it allows the addict to continue “using”, continue to manipulate, continue to make destructive choices, all to continue the addictive behavior.

Denial is a coping mechanism that serve people well in certain scenarios but, with substance abuse, it only delays the eventual fact that addiction treatment is needed. Denial (or distorted reality) allows people to lessen the emotional pain, live with painful memories or a perceived threat. It’s just a matter of time before reality catches up.

Addiction, like cancer or a heart attack, will eventually kills the addict and scar or destroy the family. The “trick” is to get help before the addict hits rock bottom and has permanent damage. As we wrote previously, addiction is not a life sentence. Get Treatment. Get Help. Get Hope. GET SOBER. Change Your Path, Change Your Life – The
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