The Core Centers’ detox is an excellent first step in recovering from chemical dependence before transitioning to a residential treatment program. When someone who is physically dependent on alcohol or drugs tries to stop using, withdrawal symptoms will begin and increase in intensity before tapering off.

After a time spent abusing drugs or alcohol, the brain and body become accustomed to operating with a certain amount of the substance; physically activating cycles of tolerance and dependence.

Using becomes less about the effect, and more about keeping withdrawal symptoms at bay, which can be uncomfortable and potentially dangerous. Physical dependence compromises an individual’s ability to voluntarily stop using, and trying to quit alone can be potentially devastating lethal.

The majority of addicts don’t necessarily continue their habit due to selfishness or lack of desire to achieve sobriety, but simply because quitting is not an option without the supervision necessary to make sobriety possible.

Our 24-hour medical detox treatment and staff at The Core Centers involves a secure, medically supervised drug and alcohol detox program in a harmonious, serene and tranquil setting with exceptional accommodations. Our caring, competent and qualified staff will assist in making you and/ or you’re loved one feel the comforts of relaxed sense of home. Every client is personally assessed according to their detox needs and treated individually.
Addiction detox is the first step on the path to freedom from drug and alcohol abuse. Even though it may sound intimidating at first, think of the pain and suffering of not getting clean. Addiction detox helps to reboot your body after a long time of it being dependent on an outside substance. Once that substance is out of your system, you can really start thinking clearly and making strides towards a successful recovery. Addiction detox is a way to stabilize your mind, body, and soul.
The average stay for detox at The Core Centers is usually between 3 – 10 days. Your detox treatment plan is personal and discreet. Our physicians are licensed and certified in the newest “state of the art” drug alcohol detox treatment protocols, and work to ensure that individuals in our care have a comfortable, safe and life changing experience.
Addiction detox is just one step on the road to sobriety, but it is an important one.

We are proud to introduce you to one of the top notch addiction detox specialists at The Core Centers, recognize that you are in the best hands in the business. Not only will the addiction specialists take care of your body, you will leave The Core Centers knowing that things will be different.