The Core Centers (PHP), also known as Partial Hospitalization Program focuses on treating drug and alcohol abuse while simultaneously allowing the struggling individual to live life on life’s terms. The PHP, by way of its structure, will work to closely mirror the day-to-day life that a client will experience once addiction treatment has been completed. Individuals who take part in our PHP will first meet with our Medical Director and Clinical Director to properly determine an individualized addiction treatment program. After the Clinical team meets to discuss each individualized case and a course of action is agreed upon by everyone involved, the journey toward honest recovery can begin. The foundation of our PHP program is to set the groundwork for guidance in coping skills, private and group family sessions, relapse prevention education, anger management and creative therapy.

In addition, we also provide more of a holistic avenue that involves the use of solution oriented traditional psychotherapy (group and individual), gender groups, yoga, daily exercise, emotional regulation counseling, massage, recreational opportunities; and aside from the fact that we are not a 12 Step Recovery Programs, we do offer optional 12 Step Meetings every evening to our clients. Our residential drug alcohol rehabilitation treatment program level of care was developed to enhance our client’s potential for ongoing recovery.

Residential drug alcohol treatment programs are both intensive and extensive in the number of client hours, the issues covered and the solutions generated. Often, when people try to quit using an addictive substance at home, they end up relapsing just to relieve the discomfort. In a PHP setting, medical professionals are able to manage these uncomfortable symptoms. At The Core Centers, we implement an intensive level of the highest quality of individual and group counseling, which in turns helps to improve and regulate destructive motives of thought that influence the development of destructive addictive behaviors.

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